Hart is versatile enough to perform in all environments.
But here are some common requests-

Strolling Close-up "mingle" magic:

Let Hart bring his incredible magic to your guests as he smoothly moves
from one group to the next. This type of magic is very memorable
because it happens just inches from their faces, many times
in their own hands! Hart's quick wit, charm, and warm
smile enable him to approach your guests
without offense or intimidation.

Think David Blaine, but with a
personality! This show takes
no special setup of any kind and is
very versitile. Whether the guests
are standing, sitting, or gathered
at a table,Hart's magic will draw them in.

It is perfect for corporate or private
parties, holiday gatherings, bar mitsvahs,
wedding receptions, company picnics, and
award or appreciation banquets. It is also the
entertainment and ice breaker of choice if guests
are "coming and going" such as grand openings,
restaurants, or any other event where you need a fun, 
happening atmosphere that promotes mingling between
families, friends, and strangers alike.


Note: Many clients have Hart perform his strolling magic during the cocktail or pre-dinner hour as a "warm-up" to get people ready and psyched for the bigger, after-dinner Stage show.

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"Magic With Hart!" Stage Show:

Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for Hart's Stage Show! This show features tons of audience participation, comedy, mindreading, and of course...
incredible magic!

This is not your typical, tired old magic show with
cheesy props and "tricks". This is a hard hitting, cutting edge
magic show that will leave people talking for a long time!

Thats because of the organic feel to the show, meaning
that all the magic in the show uses props or borrowed
items that people are familiar with. Hart will perform
incredible feats of magic never before witnessed by
your audience, leaving them amazed and thanking
YOU for finding the great entertainment.

A stage is not required for this show but
recommended. Hart provides a full sound system
as well as necessary props and setup so you are worry
free!Hart's Stage show runs 30, 45, or 60 minutes in 
length depending on your needs.

People remember the entertainment long after they have forgotten what they ate and drank so put your guests in the hands of a professional. Book Hart today!

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Close-up Show:

This is an intimate version of Hart's stage show designed for a smaller audience. Witness jaw dropping miracles with ordinary objects such as cards, coins, bottles of wine, rope, poker chips, fruit, borrowed bills, and anything else Hart can get his hands on!


This show is perfect for smaller gatherings in a living room, back yard, restaurant, break room, etc. as it requires no stage or special setup. It is a smaller show that plays big and will leave your guests baffled and talking long after Hart has left the building!


Hart is able to cater this show to your
needs whether it be for a birthday,
promotion, anniversary, graduation, or
any other special event or party. This show
runs 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on your

Call today to find out how Hart can help you make your event unforgettable!

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click HERE or dial (541) 968-8177


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